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Our concept

Sleep Well, Eat Well, Live Well !

Our values

A lively, open and modern living space, inspired by its natural setting.

Designed and created to be a real living area, open to everyone, and brought to life by an enthusiastic team, LIVE HOTELS is a place to meet people, exchange and share ideas, encourage interaction among local professionals, residents and travellers, while giving our guests the feeling of being at home and a sense of belonging to the LIVE community.

The principle is to: Eat, work, sleep, or vice versa! But also to discover new things, meet new people, play, chat - in short, just LIVE!

Both aesthetic and modern but also popular and welcoming, LIVE HOTELS Bordeaux Lac is an innovative concept for people who want to stay and/or live in Bordeaux. Come and stay in our PLACE TO LIVE to taste our home-cooking and seasonal dishes, have a drink and relax, take part in our events and have a good night’s sleep. The LIVE TEAM will take care of everything and, most importantly, take care of you !

Meeting people & Sharing

LIVE HOTELS is a collective project and offers a varied programme of events open to all, so that everyone can find their place and meet inspiring people.

Hospitality and Kindness

Our aims are to make you feel welcome and provide a top-quality service. We are constantly seeking to improve while taking care of our TEAM and making sure that our actions are systematically people-focused.

Eco-responsible attitude

Because we can no longer turn a blind eye and because best practices need to be implemented now, LIVE HOTELS has adopted the most responsible approach possible! It’s an everyday battle, and the worst thing we could do is try and justify our actions for marketing purposes so here’s what we’re doing in practice :

  • - stopping using plastic bottles,
  • - sorting and composting waste,
  • - preferring short circuits, propose vegetarian menus,
  • - using bulk produce and eco-friendly cleaning products,
  • - using as little packaging as possible and avoid mini-portions,
  • - using products “made in France” or better still, made locally,
  • - asking for support from and liaising with local socio-economic and sustainable development players

The community

Once you arrive, you’ll soon understand that you’re part of a collective project.

A word wall is available for you to express yourself and contact people who share the same values! So that you don’t have to go on your own for a run, or to find a partner for a game of cards, to suggest an outing or talk about your job and what makes you tick, the wall is there for you to communicate with the rest of the community. No apps here: just genuine and direct communication !

Our staff are on hand to guide you and take care of your needs. Our dedicated team is creative and proactive and will do everything they can to make sure your time at the LIVE HOTEL is a positive experience, with meaningful exchanges and opportunities to share.

A varied program of events sets the pace of life on site: concerts, live music, exhibitions, cookery workshops, conferences, themed cooking evenings in the restaurant, afterwork sessions, etc. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see on the program, we’d love to have your ideas !

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